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Friday, April 4, 2014

Side Trip: Peñafrancia Basilica

Naga City is known as the Pilgrim City and Queen City of Bicol. Being highly Catholic, the City takes pride in some of its grand churches. One of which is the Peñafrancia Minor Basilica, or simply, Peñafrancia Basilica which houses the image of Our Lady of Peñafrancia. 

The Peñafrancia Basilica is located in Balatas Road on the outskirts of Naga City. Construction of the building began as early as 1976, though it was already conceptualized in 1960 by late Archbishop Pedro Paulo y Songco. On May 22, 1982, it was dedicated as The Church of Nuestra Señora de Peña de Francia and it wasn't until May 22, 1985 that the church was given the title of "Basilica Minore" from Rome.

The Peñafrancia Basilica Minore provides sanctuary for the image of the virgin Mary that was sculpted in 1710. It was commissioned by Miguel de Cobarrubias, who moved to the Philippines from Spain with his family and believed that the virgin Mary had helped him numerous times in his life. The image was housed in a small chapel until the Basilica Minore was built constructed.

I and some friends were able to visit the Peñafrancia Basilica during the CFC – Singles for Christ International Conference in 2011.

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