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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bye, 100 Days to Heaven!

The city must have been in stand still around eight tonight. The most awaited finale of the hit drama series "100 Days  to Heaven" was shown on TV. I, for one, is an avid audience of this show which keep me teary-eyed almost every night.

The show is really one of the most sensible, well-plotted, and well-created dramas in the recent years. It is about a toy icon named Anna Manalastas who is sent back to fulfill her missions on Earth after a planned car explosion killed her. Her missions involved seeking forgiveness from the people whom she trespassed, looking for her long-lost child, and granting her own forgiveness to her mother who has incidentally abandoned her. The twists are that she returns back as a child and that the person who keeps her and helps her accomplish her missions is actually is her child - Sophia Delgado.

All throughout the show, audience has learned the value of forgiveness, giving, unconditional love, hope and faith. It has constantly been heart-breaking and full of drama and life lessons. As for the people who played the role, they had been all exceptional and praiseworthy.

And now that the show has ended, I will forever treasure its influence on me and to the others who had avidly followed it every night.

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