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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekly Engagements with Prof. Stanley E. Prussia

Over the past few days, our College and our Department has weekly engagement with Stanley E. Prussia, a Professor Emeritus from the University of Georgia, USA. He was previously a professor of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the Griffin campus of the University, but now working as missionary to the Philippines by the Baptist International Missions, Inc. Still, Dr. Prussia is connected with his University as a Professor Emeritus.

He and his wife had live in Cebu for four years and just this April, they moved here in General Santos City. Other than his works for his Church, he also wants to establish connections with surrounding universities in order to establish partnerships and to exchange ideas about education, research, extension and administration.

He has already done a lecture on postharvest technologies on one of the classes in our Department. We already have discussed matters relating to our degree curriculum and education system. Before the end of the month, we will also deliver a lecture on power plants and nuclear technology in my class.

Well, today. Dr. Prussia has a short lecture/seminar on “Systems Thinking for Improving Food Supply Chains.” And who else are his audience but us – the faculty members in our College (Agriculture). Witty and funny that we are, the seminar had gone on very smoothly, with occasional laughter and hard thinking.

Almost all of us were present. The funnier thing is that I got to see our senior colleagues being a student again. And we were one hell of crazy audience for the seminar.

The three-hour lecture had been a great learning experience for us. I look forward for more such activities with our new friend Stan.

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