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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dawis Resort

To celebrate our grandmother’s 88th birthday, the whole Paña clan (that is on my mother’s side) visited a local beach resort at Barangay Dawis, Digos City last Saturday. The place is a two-hour trip from Kidapawan City. From Digos City bus terminal, local transportation can take you there for 15 minutes or so.

Well, we arrived at the Dawis Resort by around ten in the morning. What awaited us was a long stretch of fine black sand beach. The sand is really powdery black, and no weeds or stones could hurt anybody’s feet. The place is nothing fancy and high-class. It is very simple but neat. Several tiny cottages lined the coast. No bars or restos around. Just a small refreshment store stood in a corner.

We immediately had our breakfast. Since it was around noon, no sooner did we prepare for lunch. Some grilled fish and pork joined the menu.

But a funny and somewhat “scary” thing happened by noon. The supposedly fine weather turned mad. Dark clouds occupied the sky and strong wind blew the entire coast. Since the beach faces the open sea (the Pacific), huge waves foamed by the waters. The wind was cold and fierce, sending streams of sand along the shore and even to the nearby cottages. It was kind of fun to watch the dance of sands and then play with the wind. But to see the coconut trees arching and swaying gave me the chills.

The spectacle lasted for an hour, and after which, a light shower drenched everything in sight. We hurriedly ate our lunch, now that the sand would no longer get into our food and utensils. The wind might have died down, but the waves were still raging. And, guess what…

Surf boards began hopping over the water. The kids went to the shores and played around. Instinctively, I stripped and ran to the rushing water. On the waves I swam. On the fine black sand I lay. On the cold afternoon I set aside time and let the bliss of the moment took me.

Dawis Resort might be simple or a typical local beach. But it had been a venue of a wonderful memory for me…

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