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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Manny Pacquaio in Hennessy Commercial

Eight division world boxing champion and Congressman Manny Pacquaio once again made the headlines as he endorsed another well-known liquor brand – Hennessy Brandy.

The commercial ran at Times Square where Hennessy rented the entire television on all three sides. This has never been done before. On top of everything, they also have a huge billboard of Manny on Times Square.

Moreover, Hennessy is also pacing the commercial on prime time television which the company has not done for around seven years. They have been consistently the #1 seller of cognac throughout the world. But with Manny, they pushed it even further. The commercial was aired during the NBA Games.

The Hennessy commercial was shot in the Philippines. Tagged as the “Wild Rabbit” campaign, it celebrates new and greater levels of Pacquiao’s greatness and his touching “rags to riches” story. The video portrays Pacquiao’s rise from being a poor youth in the streets of the Philippines to becoming an eight division world boxing champion and a congressman in his native Sarangani province and effectively defines the “wild rabbit” that consumers are encouraged to follow represents an individual’s ultimate dream of success.  It is all about “chasing the rabbit, chasing your dreams, don’t give up.”

Here is the full Hennessy commercial.

The commercial received raving positive reviews from many critics. However, there are those who commented that the product is inappropriate for him since he is presently the country’s Bible Ambassador. Besides, Hennessy is liquor; it's not a sports drink or sports gear. If any athlete downs some Hennessy before they compete, it probably won't enhance their performance, it would probably do quite the opposite.

Despite the negative feedbacks, Pacquiao is happy about how things turned out well. Pacquiao party is hoping that their contract will also expand to Louis Vuiton who owns Hennessy.

"Fighting the fights that really matter. That is my Wild Rabbit." -Congressman MANNY PACQUIAO

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